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ARTFX + Cairo Ren


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Product Description Reasonable and easy to collect size. New standard ARTFX + of Star Wars figure. Cairo Ren appears from "Star Wars / Force Awakens"! The fifth commercialization of “Star Wars / The Force Awakens” is “Cairo Len”, a commander who leads the first order and has a strong force. Not only the cross-shaped lightsaber that emits a light blade that expresses his intense temperament, but also the characteristic black cape and the texture of the mask peeking from there are also well shaped. By using replacement parts, the hood can be removed and the left and right arms can be raised and lowered, reviving the scene in that play. The product is a pre-painted simple assembly kit that you can decorate immediately after opening. A magnet is contained in the sole of the foot, and you can enjoy a highly flexible display using a square pedestal with iron plate. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.