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One Coin Grande Figure Collection Chiral Gakuen 1st


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Product Description Chiral Academy, class starts! From the game maker “Nitroplus Chiral”, three popular games, “Blood Blood”, “Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-”, and “sweet pool” characters will appear in a school parody! Characters that are unique and appear in situations such as dreamlike school uniforms are three-dimensional. Despite mini-figures, details such as clothing and accessories that make use of the individuality of each character are firmly produced. Of course, fine lines and gradations are used, as well as uniform lines and patterns. Pay attention to the quality of the details, such as Keisuke's lunch box and Eiji's earphones! Akira headphones can be removed. You can play with other characters. Since the head is connected to a ball joint, it can be displayed in various situations. With a total height of about 50mm, it is easy to collect and easy to decorate. You can enjoy it for a wide range of fans at an affordable price. A familiar character card is also included in this series. If you collect all "1st and 2nd", you can reproduce the illustrations drawn by Mr. Soro Yamada (Nitroplus). 12 types of blind package specifications (1 secret, 2 rare colors). The box contains either a normal color version or a rare color version (Akira's Pink Headphones Ver., Gensen no Saji Jersey Ver.). A full comp is not possible with 1BOX, but all characters are available. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product. Please note.