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Cu-Poche FA Girl Stiletto


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Product Description Cuposh Frame Arms Girl. Next is my turn! The cute figurine “Kyuposh” in the pocket pockets that you can enjoy. The 36th in the series is Kotobukiya's FA girl “Stiletto”, which is the main battlefield in the air, from “Frame Arms Girl ” , which was announced as a spin-off that made each aircraft of the original robot content “Frame Arms” a “beautiful girl”. Is the appearance. “Cuposh” is a new pocket-sized movable figure series. 2.3 Head and body deformed characters can move freely and enjoy posing despite their small body. You can easily pose various poses on the dedicated base with the sole magnet, and you can reproduce various facial expressions and impressive scenes of the character with a full range of accessories. Both arms, legs, and backpack have 3mm diameter shaft holes for weapons and exteriors of MSG's weapon series and Frame Arms series, which boast a huge variety. With a wrist made of PVC and a 3mm shaft hole, you can play "Cuposh FA Girl Stiletto" with the MSG Weapon Series and Frame Arms Series. The armor of the forehead is a magnet. The backpack and chest armor are also detachable, so you can enjoy even with light equipment. [Accessories] ・ Facial expression parts 2 types (Doya 顏, warning face) ・ Wrist set for replacement (2 types, palm, grip hand, handle) ・ Exclusive base (for sole magnet support) ・ Set of movable support (for support and support) Arm, extension parts (thin, thick), storage zipper bag * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.