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Cuposh Darjeeling


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Product Description From “Girls & Panzer Theatrical Version” from “Girls & Panzer Theatrical Version”, Captain “St. “Cuposh” is a new, cute pocket-sized movable figure series of 2.3 deformed characters. Abundant movement in a small body. You can easily pose various poses on the dedicated base with the sole magnet, and you can reproduce various facial expressions and impressive scenes of the character with a full range of accessories. Three-dimensional wearing a tank jacket in the same way as Miho Nishizumi and Maho Nishizumi. An impressive scene in the play can be expressed by combining a teacup saucer (with a handle), which is indispensable for an English shrine maiden, and a maximal face or impatience. Of course, the standard deformed tank is also included. Let's arrange the series and express the tank path in a cute way! [Accessories] ・ Three expression parts (smile, maxim face, impatient face) ・ Wrist set for replacement (span, grip hand, handle, cup and saucer handle) ・ Churchill infantry tank Mk □ ・ Lead ・ Special base ( Foot magnet support) ・ Set of movable support (support, support arm, extension parts (thin / thick)) ・ Chuck bag for storage ※ The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.