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Cuposh Takagi


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Product Description Model experience is a little ... But can you be an idol? From "Idol Master Cinderella Girls", a cool and mysterious idol "Takagaki Kaoru" has appeared in Cuposh. “Smile”, “wink face”, “tipy face” and her impressive expressions are deformed and cute. The Odd Eye has also been faithfully reproduced. In addition to a jug beer perfect for a liquor lover, it includes a bottle of sake with a handle and aroma diffuser that appears in the “Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage”. Please enjoy it with three different expression parts. 《Accessories》 ・ Three facial expression parts (smiling face, winking face, tipsy face) ・ Replacement wrist set (span, hand grip, handle, mouthpiece handle) ・ Beer (jog) ・ Tokutoshi ・ Aroma diffuser ・ Special base (Supports sole magnets) ・ Set of movable props (posts, prop arms, extension parts (thin / thick)) ・ Chuck bags for storage * The images are under development. Different from the actual product.