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DC COMICS Pretty Katana


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Product Description-The soul that blooms in the American comics world! Katana lineup! -Katana, a swordsman who is an outstanding martial artist but also good at paranormal knowledge. Ms. Masahiro Takahashi (GILL GILL) has been transformed into a three-dimensional image with the illustrations drawn by Shunya Yamashita! Please pay attention to the design of the soulful soul "Soul Taker" that has many souls and the dignified figure that rubs the enemy in one hand, and the heavy armor and feminine body line! Parts that can reproduce the impressive "white eye" state in comics are also included. The pedestal is printed with a Japanese pattern, which will enhance the world view. It is possible to reproduce the uneven combination of the comic version `` Suicide Squad '' alongside the `` DC COMICS Bishoujo Harley Quinn NEW 52 version '' on sale, `` DC COMICS Bishoujo Batgirl '' and `` DC COMICS Bishoujo Black Canary '' It is also good to collect "birds of play" side by side! DC COMICS The world of beautiful girls spreads. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.