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ARTFX Captain America


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Product Description ~ The battle of heroes is a modern myth. Modern mythology series Kick Off! -ARTFX (art FX) series that makes various heroes three-dimensional with high quality and reasonable price on 1/6 scale of about 30 □ in total! The second installment following the deadpool will be Captain America, the leader of the super hero team “Avengers”. The costume is a symbol that he should hold down, such as the helmet A headdress and the A mark on the forehead, the pectoral muscles covered with scale mail, the crimson boots reminiscent of pirate boots, and the sharp eyeballs that burn with indomitable fighting spirit While selecting the image, a new modern style was created by modeling by the prototype teacher Naoya Muto. The shield made of vibranium alloy symbolizing the justice of the MARVEL world has a leather handle, and can be attached to either the left or right arm by replacing the arm parts, allowing you to make two poses Is possible. 《Specifications》 Figure body, pedestal 《Accessories》 Base ※ Image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.