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ARTFX J Mei with Tuttaja


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Product Description A new legend begins when the two forces come together. Kotobukiya "Pocket Monster" figure series fourth! Based on the illustrations drawn by illustrator Hitoshi Ariga, the main character of “Pocket Monster Black 2 and White 2”, Mei, is a lineup! The texture of the Mei's characteristic twin tail and the combination of the culottes skirt and black tights has been carefully sculpted. The dynamic pose that throws a monster ball right now with a bullish look peeking from under the sun visor is very heroic! Tsutaja that slides on the grass reproduced with clear parts will also be added! Please enjoy the details at hand. The next work in the series is “Touko with Pokabu”, so it ’s a nice combination if you display them side by side. Stay tuned for Kotobukiya's “Pocket Monster” figure series. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.