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ARTFX J Victor Nikiforov


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Product Description ———— Yuri, I will be your coach from today. I will win the GPF! From the popular anime "Yuri!!! On ICE", which has also been released for theatrical version, the coach of "Victor Nikiforov" will be presented and the suit will be three-dimensionalized! The appearance of wearing a coat from the top of a suit based on black and the contrast created by silver hair enhance the presence of Victor himself. In addition, the pose with your finger on your mouth is something that gives him a gentle yet subtle atmosphere. Comes with a tissue case of Makkachin that Victor carries without fail! The coat is removable and you can decorate it anywhere you like except the included bench. The true value of the “ARTFX J” series from Ashiya to the world! Please check it out. <Body specifications> 1/8 scale figure bench and macchichin are removable. -Remove the character body from the bench and place it where you want. 《Accessories》 Base, Makkachin ※ The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.