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Cu-Poche Extra Narikiri Friends Corde (Serval) (Serval)


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Product Description Let's become Serval-chan who pulls everyone up with friends! In the “Cuposh Extra” series, which expands the play of “Cuposh”, a transformation costume set that can become characters of the popular TV anime “Kemono Friends” is now available. Because it is a costume with a distinctive design, you can quickly put your cupposh into "Friends Mode" just by putting your sleeve through. Let's have fun playing with Japari Park. 《Main body specifications》 Costume set corresponding to the Cuposh Friends series and the Cuposh extra swimsuit body. Cuposh body is not included. <Accessories> Hood, One Piece, Muffler, Arm Cover, Leg Cover, Shoes, Wrist Set (Span, Grip, Handle) * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.