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ARTFX + Super Sands Robin & Bat Hound 2 Pack


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Product Description-Father detective fighting detective! Sun of Batman, Robin & Bathound! ~ The third REBIRTH series is Robin, Damien Wayne, born between Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghoul! Dressed in new refined costumes, Ace, a good boy who reappeared in Batman Annual # 1 as a Batman family, stripped his fangs. The pedestal is made of steel and is fixed by a magnet built into the figure. Each figure can be placed anywhere you like. Prototype is in charge of Mr. Kazutaka Ugata, who breathes a new breath into the DC Comics figure world. Together with “ARTFX + Jonathan Kent & Crypto 2 Pack” to be released in November, please enjoy Super Sands on the table. 《Accessories》 Base ※ The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.