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ARTFX + Cooking Deadpool


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Product Description If you have my memory ... Deadpool is a good cook! ? Drowning, Deadly Chef! There are few people who do not know now. Deadpool of the American comic world! This product, which will be commercialized from Kotobukiya, will be made into a figure on a 1 / 10th scale. Put on a pure white apron in a cook hat, open a large frying pan on your right hand, and a cloche on the plate you have in your left hand ... a grilled toasted head pool! ! The pedestal made of iron plate that can be fixed with the magnet of the sole is wrapped in a design that imitates the tablecloth where the silhouette of Deppu is secretly hidden. How about a special deadpool that is perfect for anniversary gifts with a little surprise? << body specification >> figure body << accessories >> pedestal * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.