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ARTFX + Pau Dameron & BB-8 2 Pack Force Awakens


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Product Description From "Star Wars / The Force Awakens", Po Dameron appears in 2 packs with BB-8! One of the main characters of Star Wars / The Force Awakens, Po Dameron, will join the standard FXK series of Kotobukiya's Star Wars figures. Two packs of BB unit Astromek Droid BB-8 with the important mission of searching for Luke Skywalker from General Resistance Leia Organa. The uniform of the X-WING fighter pilot was the most impressive in the movie. BB-8, which will be the second ARTFX +, is a new model, and it can be fixed with the built-in magnet with the head tilted, and the thumbs-up shown in the play can be reproduced with attached parts. <Main body specifications> Figure body, pedestal * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.