Cupoche Extra Sherry's Whimsical Twinte Set (Sherry's Whimsical Twinte Set)


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Product Description “Twinte Set” has appeared in the “Cuposh Extra” series ♪ “Cuposh” is a cute, movable, pocket-sized, movable figure of 2.3 characters. A part set that allows you to change the look and hairstyle of “Cuposh Friends Shelly -Cherie-” according to the mood of the day in the “Cuposh Extra” series that expands the play of such “Cuposh”. The hairstyle is a cute “twin tail”, and a variety of expressions including “wink face”, “mojimoji face”, and “smile smile”! Since the product does not come with a body, please play with your own "Cuposh" ♪ [Set Contents] 3 types of facial expression parts (wink face, mojimoji face, smiling smile), a set of twin tail heads (Body is not included.) 《Main body specifications》 ・ Part set that can change the expression and hairstyle of “Cuposh Friends Cherie-”.・ A magnet is built into the bangs (left temple), so it is possible to attach a “Sherry” hair ornament. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.

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