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Trading Card / Card Game Sort Tray (18 Slots) Online Main Store-


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Trading Card / Card Game Sort Tray [Number of Slots] 18 (length 3 x width 6), Ultra Pro introduces a convenient tray for sorting trading cards and card games! Everyone, how do you sort the collection of trading cards and the number of single stocks in stores? If you have a dedicated desk, you can stack cards and go out and take a nap even while organizing, but in reality, desks, tables, floors, tatami mats, Because you have to stack on the bed and sort, it is next to the risk of being devastated, dirt from food and drink, falling by sleeper, etc. You often have to move cards in the middle of organizing? That's why this new product “Card Sorting Tray” developed by Ultrapro is introduced. Lightweight material is used, and you can easily move the card while it is being organized without falling down! Because it is exclusively for cards, it can also prevent dirt and shut out foreign enemies such as children, pets, and mothers! There are a total of 18 pockets for organizing cards in a sleek arrangement, 3 x 6 in length, so it is convenient not only for sorting by number, but also for temporary storage and single sales with display at retail stores. . Because it is stacked, it does not take up space even if there are multiple. Not only stores specializing in cards, but also card collectors, if you are a card collector, you want to have one for each!