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Character Deck Case Collection MAX Z / X -Zillions of enemy X- "Beautiful Mystic Birds 迦 이 迦" Online Main Store-


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[Deck case outside dimensions] width 98 x height 71 x thickness 61mmu3000 [inside dimensions] width 96 x height 70 x thickness 60mmu3000 [Separator] width 91 x height 62 x Mimi 8mm (1 sheet) [Material] Plastic (PP0.6mm Thick superline) u3000 [Print] 4C + White + White + OP varnish [Number of storable sheets] (using Broccoli TCG and sleeve-based products)-About 120 sheets with regular sleeves, about 80 sheets with double sleeves, with triple sleeves Approximately 60, from the popular TCG "Z / X -Zillions of enemy X-", the powerful starters recorded in the new starter deck "Lonely Rebel" to be released on Thursday, December 18, 2014, “Hojo Chosaki”, which appeared in the “Heroes Trajectory Chapter 3” event held in the summer of 2014, and the partner Zex's “Rei Myocho Todoroki Soryo Juryo” appear in the Deck Case Collection MAX! A character sleeve collection using the same illustrations will be released at the same time! Line up your favorite characters and coordinate your game field!