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Bushiroad Sleeve Collection HG Vol.737 KanColle: Kantai Collection"Atago" pack Ami Ami online head office -


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[1 pack] 60 sleeves included [Size] 92 x 67 mm [Material] PP + Silver film [Print] Front: Transparent, Back: 5 colors (4 colors + White) * PR card is not included with this product. , The popular Bushiroad Sleeve Collection High Grade # 159! "KanColle: Kantai Collection" Sleeves are going out one after another! In the 159th edition, “Ise” from the battleship, “Atago” from the heavy cruiser, “Oiso” from the light cruiser, “Seiho”, “Shibanami”, and “Shiranui” from the destroyer! * Sold separately.