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Clear Card Loader (Blue) Pack for Trading Cards / Arcade Cards Online Main Store-


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[1 pack] 11 pieces [Size] Inner dimensions: W61mm x H88mm, Outer dimensions: W63mm x H92mm, Width of the pier: 2mm [Supported cards] Arcade game card (W58 x H81mm), Small size card (W59 x H86mm) , ■ Both correspondence! In addition to the arcade game card (W58 x H81mm), it also supports small size cards (W59 x H86mm) and can be installed even if it is placed in the "Treca Protect" just type for small cards made by Answer. ■ Outstanding transparency! Amazing transparency, perfect for reading data. ■ Strong strength! Even if you rub on the board of an arcade game machine with high strength, important cards will not be damaged. u3000 color variations! Available in three colors: clear black, clear blue, and clear red! First in the industry! The pier is translucent and stylish! ■ Made in Japan! Made in Japan with peace of mind, all processes are done in Japan, and the price is low with 11 sheets!