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Non-Glossy Pro-Matte / Deck Protector Sleeve Regular Size Blackberry (Black Purple) 50-Pack Online Main Store-


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[1 pack] 50 sheets [Size] 91 x 66mm, the world's No.1 manufacturer for trading cards, Ultra Pro! Introducing a new color to the popular non-glossy deck protector (hard sleeve) using non-reflective material! The perfect size for a normal card game (91 x 66mm)! Bag with header with holes. With existing sleeves and deck protectors, it was difficult to see the opponent's card due to reflection of light and reflections of surrounding objects, and photography and video shooting did not work well, but this product uses non-glossy material As a result, the card is easier to see and the shooting is smoother. The colored parts are made of the same rough material as the popular solid sleeve, making it difficult to get fingerprints and shuffling.