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[Size] Outside dimensions: 385 x 150 x H100mm [Material] Paper, card game shop staff packed with what they wanted, a storage box appeared! A storage box that is perfect for organizing cards. Try using this item that you can reach in the first place! ■ Enter the character sleeve as it is! “I want to keep the character sleeves unopened.” With the divider attached, you can store five 60-sheet sleeves in one place! ■ Close the lid firmly! “If you drop the box, it ’s a catastrophe when you drop the box.” Changing the shape of the lid alleviates this problem! ■ The lid can be removed! This eliminates the extraordinary trouble of “But if the lid is attached to the main unit, it will be an obstacle when organizing the card!” The removed lid can be fixed to the main body. ■ Enter the deck case as it is! “Recent deck cases are big enough to support multiple sleeves,” so they fit well! ■ Partition plate included! “The cards fall down until the cards are collected.” To solve this, we have a partition board! Of course, removal is OK!