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ARTFX Spider-Man Web Slinger


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Product Description-A figure of your dear neighbor Spider-Man jumping in the New York sky on a powerful 1/6 scale! -ARTFX (Art FX) series that makes various heroes into figures of 1/6 scale with a total height of about 30 □ at high quality and reasonable price. The second product that connects Captain America's baton is the super hero, Spider-Man, who is known by the street name of "Dear neighbor". A super popular hero who remembers his fresh performance in the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming” has been commercialized as a powerful diorama figure in the comic style of Modern Age. Mr. Eonaga Matsumoto has shaped the muscles of the whole body, including the arm that grips the thread, as well as reproducing the action unique to Spider-Man, the “web slinger” that moves quickly and moves the released web. did. In addition, NY buildings on the pedestal use cold cast to reproduce the texture of stone, while the figure body part has a good hybrid structure using PVC suitable for precise reproduction of modeling It will be a new form of statue to be delivered. In addition to the sense of volume, pick up a spy as if it jumped out of a comic piece, with a perfect sense of weight. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.