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Bushiroad Sleeve Collection HG Vol.938 The Idolm @ ster Cinderella Girls "Miya Akagi" [Stage Costume Ver.] Pack Online Main Store-



[1 pack] 60 sleeves included [Size] 92 x 67 mm [Material] PP + Silver film [Print] Front: Transparent, Back: 5 colors (4 colors + white) Not included. , The very popular Bushiroad Sleeve Collection High Grade # 194! Cinderella project idols wearing beautiful stage costumes are sleeved in a series! In the 194th installment, “Akagi Miria” appears! Of course, please wait as other idols also appear. [What is the Sleeve Collection High Grade? ] With the introduction of silver film, the color development is dramatically improved compared to previous silver printing sleeves, and characters and logos are printed beautifully! The high-grade sleeve has increased expressiveness due to sparkling.