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Broccoli Sleeve Protector Mat M [BSP-05] Online Main Store-


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[1 pack] 80 pieces of sleeves [Size] 68.5 x 93.0 mm (to protector of character sleeve!) [Material] Double-sided mat OP / CP film, high-precision uniform size and double-sided mat that does not stick to each other A classic product that has become a long-selling product has been renewed as "Broccoli Sleeve Protector Mat"! With the same quality as before, it is now even more profitable with 80 pieces per piece. "Broccoli sleeve protector mat" that protects the card from scratches and dirt along with the sleeve and can be shuffled comfortably without stress is available in 3 sizes that can be selected according to the application! The broccoli sleeve protector is a protector that focuses on quality, responding to the demands of card game users. ○ Processing that is hard to avoid and warp The original melt-cut sealing finish is used to achieve a protector that is not easy to avoid and warp. ○ Completely domestic production, including reliable quality materials, processing and sets. Realize reliable quality.・ "Broccoli Sleeve Protector M" is stacked on top of the standard size character sleeve to protect the card from scratches and dirt. * M size is the same as “Character Sleeve Mat Protector Ver.2 [CSP-03]”. [Precautions when creating multiple sleeves]-Overlaying mat material will increase opacity and may make it difficult to see the cards and character sleeves.・ S, M, and L are slightly different in size, but due to the difference in materials, all M sizes can be included in all L sizes. * All will be verified with broccoli character sleeve and sleeve protector.