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ChaosTCG Update Sleeve Collection Vol.4 Future Unending Pack Online Main Store-


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[Card] Three types of new ChaosTCG cards of the title (2 each, total 6 cards), normal card specification (not frameless and parallel processing) [Sleeve] 60 sheets (size: 67 x 92mm / printing: surface Transparent, back side 5 colors printing (4 colors + white) / Material: PP + silver film) [Set Contents] HG specification sleeve 60 sheets ChaosTCG card 3 types 6 sheets, ChaosTCG has updated the OS that had many requests for reinforcement! The new lineup of ChaosTCG brand is the “Update Sleeve Collection”, where you can get two new recording cards, two each (6 cards in total), and sleeves with the same illustrations as the cards!