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Bushiroad Deck Holder Collection V2 Vol.21 A blessing to this wonderful world! "Dakunes" Online Main Store-


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[Size] Height 97 x Width 73 x Thickness 62mm [Material] PP [Print] 5-color printing (4 colors + white), new series "Bushiroad Deck Holder Collection V2" with increased storage capacity of "Deck Holder Collection" Appeared! By increasing the thickness by about 1cm, it is possible to store more than 60 "ChaosTCG", "Weiss Schwarz", and "Luckin Logic" cards with a triple sleeve (general inner + character + protector)! In the eighth installment, “Bless this wonderful world! "" Dakunes "appeared. [Lucken Logic] [ChaosTCG] [Weiss Schwarz] Bushiroad Sleeve Collection + General Sleeve Guard (thickness 200μm / sheet) double sleeve combination, 70 sheets or more (about 76 sheets) are stored. 60 or more (approx. 67) are stored in a triple sleeve combination of the perfect inner sleeve (thickness 100μm / sheet) + Bushiroad sleeve collection + general sleeve guard (thickness 200μm / sheet). * Please note that the card and sleeve thickness varies depending on the manufacturer and product. * 100μm = 0.1mm * "Vanguard" and "Buddy Fight" have different card sizes because they are thicker than other trading card games released by us.