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Broccoli Character Sleeve Armored Devil Muramasa "Chashimaru Ashikaga" Pack Online Main Store-


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[1 pack] 80 pieces [Size] 67 x 92mm [Material] OP / CP film [Print] Surface: Transparent Back: 7C printing (4C + White x 2+ Silver), Nitroplus popular PC game, Slash Dark ADV "Armor "Devil Muramasa" is now available in the Broccoli Character Sleeve! The illustration of the heroine “Ashikaga Chachamaru” protects the card while gorgeously coloring the user's important deck. Broccoli character sleeve is completely produced in Japan! Adopting an original melt cut sealing finish, it is a high-quality sleeve that is hard to salmon and hard to warp! * There is no change in the quality of the contents. With the same quality as before, it is now even more profitable with 80 pieces per piece.