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Fighters Rubber Playmat Vol.9 Card Fight! ! Vanguard G "Mystic Lucier of Silver Thorns" Online Head Office-


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Back side rubber playmat 1 piece [Size] 550 x 300 x 1.5mm [Material] Microfiber, Rubber [Print] Surface: 4-color printing * PR card is not included with this product. , The popular card game "Card Fight! ! The 6th official rubber play mat from Vanguard! The front surface is a microfiber and the print is beautiful, the touch is good, and the back is a rubber and non-slip play mat. In the 6th installment, "Mystic Lucier", the silver thorn dragon dragon who became the first place of the clan "Pale Moon" by the vote of Vanguard 5th Anniversary "Fighters Goods Festival" will appear.