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Buddy Fight Sleeve Collection Vol.27 Future Card Buddy Fight Burning Hell Pack Online Main Store-


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[1 pack] 55 sleeves + 1 flag card [Size] 67 x 92mm [Material] PP + Silver film [Print] Surface: Transparent, Back: 5 colors (4 colors + white) [Others] High grade specifications , 12th sleeve perfect for the hottest trading card game "Future Card Buddy Fight"! Sleeve of the flag of «Burning Hell» that will appear in the extra booster "HEAVEN & HELL" released on September 2, 2016! ! In addition, a "flag card" with a flag sleeve is included! Of course, the sleeve is a high-grade specification that shines brilliantly. Scream! Open the flag! [What is high-grade specification? ] With the introduction of silver film, the color development is greatly improved compared to the sleeves of silver printing so far, and characters and logos are printed beautifully! The high-grade sleeve has increased expressiveness due to sparkling. [How big is the buddy fight card? ] Buddy Fight is a regular card size. Please note that it cannot be stored in a mini-size sleeve. [Regular Size] Weiss Schwarz, ChaosTCG, Five Cross, Buddy Fight [Mini Size] Card Fight! ! Vanguard