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Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Mini Sleeve Protector Mat V3 70 Pack Online Main Store-


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[Size] Vertical 91.5 x Horizontal 64mm [Material] PP [Process] Surface: Clear, Back: Matt * Vanguard cards are not included in this product. , Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Mini Sleeve Protector Mat V2 is now available with 70 sheets! The back has been carefully selected from materials with a particularly good feel from the matte film, and has been given moderate hardness as a protector. The surface uses a highly transparent film with good text visibility, so you don't have to worry about using it in battle! Product features ■ Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Dimensions suitable for mini protection ■ Adopted a matte film on the back for a fine touch! ! ■ The visibility of the text is good by using clear material with high transparency on the surface! ■ We protect important sleeve from wound by moderate thickness, hardness ■ Made in Japan of relief