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Bushiroad Deck Holder Collection V2 Vol.72 Love Live! Sunshine! ! “Ruby Kurosawa” Online Head Office-


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[Size] Height 97 x Width 73 x Thickness 62mm [Material] PP [Print] 5-color printing (4 colors + white), new series "Bushiroad Deck Holder Collection V2" with increased storage capacity of "Deck Holder Collection" Appeared! By increasing the thickness by about 1 cm, it is possible to store more than 60 cards of “Weiss Schwarz”, “ChaosTCG” and “Luck & Logic” with a triple sleeve (general inner + character + protector)! In the 18th installment, the TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine! ! Is the long-awaited deck holder V2! “Is your heart shining? Aqours members of costumes are now on sale!