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Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Mini Vol.238 Card Fight! ! Vanguard G "Tara Mizumasa Rambros" Pack Online Main Store-


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[1 pack] 70 sleeves [Size] 89 x 62 mm [Material] PP [Print] Front: Transparent, Back: 5 colors (4 colors + white) * Vanguard cards are not included in this product. , The mini-size sleeve that is perfect for the Vanguard series cards from "Vanguard G", which is also being broadcast on TV anime! In the 72nd edition, from the “Fighters Goods Festival” commemorating the 5th anniversary of Vanguard, “Tara Mizumasa Rambros” (Clan: Aqua Force), which was ranked first in each clan by voting, appeared. High-grade specs and a shiny sleeve upgrade everyone's deck! [What is high-grade specification? ] With the introduction of silver film, the color development is greatly improved compared to the sleeves of silver printing so far, and characters and logos are printed beautifully! The high-grade sleeve has increased expressiveness due to sparkling.