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Broccoli Card Loader Premium Z / X -Zillions of enemy X- "Blue World" Online Main Store-


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[1 piece] 3 pieces [Size] Outer dimensions: Horizontal 69 x Vertical 96 x Thickness approx. 2mm / Inner dimensions: Horizontal 67.5 x Vertical 93 x Thickness 1.5mm [Material] PVC [Print color] Blue, "Z / X- Zillions of enemy X- "has a new series" Card Loader Premium "! A card loader that firmly guards important cards by applying a glittering foil stamping process to the card loader. We will release colors that match the power of the “blue world” in the Z / X world! A card placed in Broccoli's “Broccoli Character Sleeve” can be set in this product. This product will be in "Deck Case Collection MAX" Broccoli.