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ARTFX Leon S. Kennedy


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Product Description ~ Who will fight for what? -This is a bloody revenge story. ~ Full CG feature animation movie “Resident Evil: Vendetta” newly added to the “Resident Evil” series, a synonym for survival horror games with a cumulative sales volume of over 77 million. This work is centered around New York and is an international nomination criminal who uses the mercenaries and BOW to make an enthusiasm—Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Rebecca Chambers fights together to solve the incident. From this work that Chris and Leon's first joint fight became a topic, Leon S. Kennedy belonging to the agent organization DSO (Division of Security Operations) directly under the United States will be three-dimensionalized as a PVC statue. A new shooting style CAR System specializing in close-range combat that attracts hot attention from various fields such as the scene, Hollywood, and the game industry, and posing with a tense shooting posture reminiscent of Gung Fu, dedicated flash hider and long magazine In the fierce battle scene developed with the zombie group in combination with the featured custom gun for bioterrorism "Sentinel Nine", we will reproduce the must-see famous scenes that were ending up one after another with various tactics. The pedestal is a diorama base with a magazine that has been shot down, and a medicinal shell, as well as splashing blood splashes, enhancing the atmosphere of the work. Don't miss Leon S. Kennedy, an agent who is a popular character but rarely 3D. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.