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ARTFX + Defenders Luke Cage


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Product Description ~ Series 4 is the city hero "Defenders"! The second is Luke Cage, a man with iron skin and monster power! ~ The ARTFX + MARVEL comic series following "Avengers", "X-MEN", and "Spider-Man" has selected "Defenders", which is also a topic of dramaization by NETFLIX. Mr. Dale Keown, who is the first tag with Kotobukiya, is the concept art, and the prototype is continued by Mr. Junnosuke Abe (RESTORE) who is active in the world. The collection of MARVEL comic characters unified on a 1/10 scale of approximately 20cm will be further expanded. The second is New York City keeper Luke Cage. A costume that is familiar to him from the super hero who once served as the Avengers team leader, and comes with a thick chain reminiscent of a costume as a former powerman. As a specification common to the series, a magnet is built in the sole, and it can be fixed to a square pedestal containing an iron plate. Please look forward to your future teammates. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.