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ARTFX J Saito Hajime


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Product Description —————— I believe in things that do n’t change. From the work “Hakuouki Shinkai”, which is a summary of “Hakuouki” produced so far, “Saito Kazunari”, the leader of the three newly selected groups, has been transformed into a three-dimensional figure based on the officially drawn illustrations! The dynamism that can be felt from headbands, collars, and haori is a must-see. Faithfully reproduces the dignified facial expression and subtlety that keeps the enemies in front and keeps calm. “ARTFX J Saito Hajime” sent in overwhelming quality. Please check it out. You can enjoy the world view of the series even more by arranging together with "Soji Okita" of the same series. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.