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ARTFX + Defenders Iron Fist


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Product Description The series 4 final is a man called Living Weapon, Iron Fist !! The ARTFX + MARVEL comic series following “Avengers”, “X-MEN”, and “Spider-Man” is a drama version by NETFLIX “Defender” Selected]. Mr. Dale Keown, who works with Kotobukiya for the first time, is the concept art, and the original model is Mr. Junnosuke Abe (RESTORE) from the world. The collection of MARVEL comic characters unified on a 1/10 scale of approximately 20cm will be further expanded. The name of his frustrated Kun-Lun, who overcame the trials and returned to New York, is Iron Fist! Based on the costume renovated by David Aja from "Immortal Iron Fist", a masterpiece comic that approaches not only the current Iron Fist (Danny Land) but also their roots in the past. Fighting with the power of the legendary Shinryu and martial arts centered on the martial arts, and the power of "Ki" symbolizing him fighting, with the power of "Ki" concentrated on that fist and charged with a deadly fist Three-dimensionalized with a pose. As a specification common to the series, a magnet is built in the sole, and it can be fixed to a square pedestal containing an iron plate. Team up at home as "Heroes for Higher" in combination with "ARTFX + Defenders Luke Cage" on sale as well as "Defenders" in full force! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.