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Cuposh Pepperoni & Carpaccio


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Commodity explanation Participate in the battle with Pepperoni and Calpacho from the country of paste and momentum and pasta! ! From “Galls & Panzer Theatrical Version”, join the Anzio High School Vice Commanders “Pepaloni” and “Calpaccio” as a Cucu-Posh! A three-dimensional figure wearing a panzer jacket. In addition to the replacement expression “smile smile parts”, “Pisa” “Pasta” “Fork” is also included. Set to improve Anzio high school morale. Enjoy the energetic Anzio High School in conjunction with the captain's “Anchovy”. [Accessories] ・ Each expression part 2 types (smile, smiling smile) ・ Wrist set for replacement (span, grip hand, handle, pisa / posta handle) ・ Exclusive base (for sole macnet) Strut, arm for strut, extension part (thin / thick)) ・ Chuck bag for storage ※ The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.