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ARTFX + Black Panther


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Product Description “Avengers”, “X-MEN”, “Spider-Man” and the other ARTFX + MARVEL Comics series will begin the development of “Avengers” series 2 as the first sequel series, and will spotlight various characters. Currently, Adi Granoff, who is also active as a concept artist for the theater version, has worked on the art, and Junnosuke Abe (RESTORE) has reorganized the team up! The collection of MARVEL comic characters unified on a 1/10 scale of approximately 20cm will further expand. The first version will feature Wakanda's Monarch and Guardian Black Panther from “Black Panther”, the movie version of which is becoming a record-breaking hit in movie history! Three-dimensionalized in a style unique to Kotobukiya that incorporates Adi Granov's original taste with black panther, which has tremendous physical ability and powerful equipment such as Vibranium suits. In addition, a dedicated diorama pedestal is included for each figure to reproduce the concept illustration more from this work. The height difference makes it possible to display with a vertical and more three-dimensional silhouette. Prepare for the decisive battle with the coming Sanos! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.