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Cu-Poche Chihaya Kisaragi Twinkle Star (Chihaya Kisaragi)


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Product Description “Chihaya Kisaragi” reappears in Twinkle Star costume! The cute figurine “Kyuposh” in the pocket pockets that you can enjoy. From the popular "Idol Master" in Japan and abroad, which appeared as the first series in the series, the diva "Chihaya Kisaragi" that captivates what you see with outstanding singing power is re-appearing in the Twinkle Star costume! “Cuposh” is a new pocket-sized movable figure series. 2.3 Head and body deformed characters can move freely and enjoy posing despite their small body. You can easily pose various poses on the dedicated base with the sole magnet, and you can reproduce various expressions and impressive scenes of the character with a full range of accessories. This time comes with a smiling face as a new expression part! Please enjoy her stage with 3 different expression parts! * The hat of this product is not attached or detached with a magnet. The hair and hat have unevenness for connection. [Accessories]-3 types of hats, microphones, facial parts (smile, singing face, smiling face)-Replacement wrist set (span, grip hand, handle)-Dedicated base (supports sole magnet)-Set of movable props ( Strut, arm for strut, extension parts (thin / thick)) ・ Chuck bag for storage ※ The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.