Cu Posh Airi Shimada


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Product Description Captain of the university selection team, “Sato Shimada” appeared in Cuposh! From “Girls und Panzer Theatrical Version”, the genius girl “Arito Shimada”, a daughter of Ryoke Shimada, who jumped up to the university, appeared in Cuposh in plain clothes. It comes with a cool expression, "no expression face" parts, and occasionally a cute "smile" parts suitable for the year. And comes with "Boko" that I love. It is possible to hold the bumps with the special “handle” parts. Have the cuteness of “Shiori Shimada” at your fingertips! ! [Accessories] ・ Each expression part 2 types (smiling face, expressionless face) ・ Wrist set for replacement (span, grip, handle, handle) ・ Exclusive base (supports sole sole) ・ Set of movable support (support, Arm for support, extension part (thin, thick)) ・ Chuck bag for storage ※ The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.

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