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ARTFX J Green with Eevee


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Product Description Product review blog now available! 7th "Pocket Monster" figure series! Finally, a good red rival, Green is available! A faithful reproduction of his confident figure based on illustrations drawn by Mr. Hitoshi Thanks who worked on many illustrations of Pokemon. Pay attention to the expression of the characteristic hairstyle into a solid body and the simple details of the costume. The "Speed Star" that the brave Eevee brings out is also beautifully expressed using clear materials. Alongside the first "ARTFX J Red with Pikachu", you can have a contrasting brave figure at hand! The next series will release “Hibiki with Hinoarashi” and “Kotone with Chikorita”! Don't miss Kotobukiya's “Pocket Monster” figure series! [About handing over benefits] Purchases at Pokemon Center stores and Kotobukiya stores are eligible. Please note that the stores where special offers are subject to change. Please note. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.