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Cu-poche Kos Narikiri Idol Code Dressy Alice (Dressy Alice)


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Product Description A costume set that can finally become the characters of the popular work "Idol Master" appears in the small costume "Cu Posh Kos" series of Cu Posh. A polka dot dress and white apron with Alice in Wonderland as a motif, and a heart of a playing card and a clover mark are included along with a black ribbon on the hair ornament, so you can quickly get a cupposh at your fingertips just by passing it through the sleeve. I turned into an idol. Why don't you become idols who sing and dance happily together? Since the product does not include the cuposh body, microphone, or shoes, please decorate your cuposh cutely with "Cuposhkos". * This item is limited to the Kotobukiya Shop. [Set contents] ・ One piece ・ Apron ・ Cuffs for arm ・ Black ribbon for hair decoration ※ The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.