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ARTFX J Kaito Kid


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Product Description Product review blog now available! ——Ladies and gentlemen! From the national anime “Detective Conan”, aired since 1996 and supported by a wide range of people, the phantom thief “Kid Thief Kid” is now in 3D! Faithfully reproduce the classic items such as monocles and playing cards, as well as the sculpted cloaks of cloaks that are full of dynamism. The appearance of holding a playing card gun in a dignified atmosphere makes you feel the character of the “Kaito Kid”, which allows the police to crawl and submerge successfully. "ARTFX J Phantom thief kid" to send with overwhelming quality. Please check it out. By lining up with “ARTFX J Edogawa Conan” in the same series, you can enjoy the world of the series even more. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.