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“Red” Saber


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Product Description Product review blog now available! “No, this is a good feeling! Bad Master !!” The popular TV anime “Fate ” that depicts the “Holy Grail War” that spreads around 7 knights against 7 knights in the parallel world of the original “Fate / stay night”. From “ Fate/Apocrypha”, following “Black” rider, “Red” saber dressed in three-dimensional clothes! Red jackets that were raised by the master in the city of Turifas, hot punts, and feet at the end of the bold movement Easy clothes. He has a clarent in his hand and has a confident smile. Please enjoy the bodyline of your feelings and the bodyline of your feelings, such as a healthy, firm abdomen, a tight-feeling footline that feels like a girl. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.