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"Street Fighter" 30th Anniversary Frame Stamp Set


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Product Description After the first game was released in 1987 as an arcade game, the limited edition stamp set of the “Street Fighter” series, the latest game that has been enthusiastic about fighting game fans around the world, 30 years later! ! This product includes a mount that designs the package and game scenes for each title, a stamp sheet featuring popular characters, and the “Red ver.” Of the “STREET FIGHTER Bishoujo Chun-Li” figure released in 2014! This limited edition color is back, so don't miss this chance! [Product Details]-Frame stamp 1 sheet (62 yen stamp x 10 sheets)-Original mount 1 sheet-Limited edition figure "STREET FIGHTER Bishoujo Chun-Li" original color (red) ver. 1 * The image is under development Image. Different from the actual product.