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ARTFX + Professor X


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Product Description This is our X-MEN! The hero team “X-MEN” has no shortage of video works such as FOX ’s TV drama series “The Gifted” and “Legion” and theatrical movie “New Mutants”. The origin of this is the establishment of a record of the number of comics issued in the 1990s, and X-MEN has been three-dimensionalized one after another in the golden age style in which animation was broadcast in Japan! The figure body of this series has a dynamic feeling as if it jumped out of an animation cell picture, and in addition to its simple and sculpted modeling, bold colored paint that jumps into the eyes is a vintage 90's Brings the atmosphere. This third product is a professor X who rides in a yellow hover chair that shows not only comics and animation but also game works, and Professor Charles Exevia says that there are 2 figures Lineup with no large volume configuration. Don't miss this opportunity of "professor" who thinks this is the last three-dimensionalization later. Collect all X-MEN! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.