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Linna Mayfield


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Product Description <Shinning Resonance> RPG that plays with the dragon from the RPG "Shining Resonance", the second series of the series is "Small Devil-based Honka Sister", and the Wizard Elf "Linna Mayfield" is drawn as a game bonus A figure with popular illustrations as a motif! The charms of cute gestures and troubled eyes (?) The poses of the poses are dropped into 3D without any exception, recreating the heart-warming world as depicted in the illustrations. Digital data also includes large dresses that are intricately intertwined as well as fine decorations on them, such as a characteristic dress like a magician's hat and a high-exposure cheongsam dress and knee high boots with gorgeous armor Faithfully and finely shaped, dresses and hats are finished with a pearl coat in order to express the silky luster and gold thread embroidery. Rinna ’s partner, “Ontei Penguin”, fromage, who swings a conductor on his buttocks, is small, but it has been reproduced in detail in both modeling and painting, creating a very lovable presence. The hat and fromage are removable, so you can decorate them with your favorite situations. * This product is remanufactured. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.