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Kirika Towa Alma


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Product Description <Girl who inherits the old song> The heroine of the RPG “Shining Resonance” played with the dragon, the magical song “Rune Song” that manipulates the spiritual power of nature “Kirika ・“Towa Alma” is a long-awaited product! Wearing a shrine maiden costume characterized by a Japanese-style taste, it is three-dimensionalized in a pose that dances lightly while playing a song as if a scene from the play was cut out. The hair is lightly painted by applying the transparency of the clear parts. In addition, decorations such as silk fabrics, gold thread knitting, and earrings were given a pearl coat, and each texture was reproduced based on the material settings of the costumes by detailed hearing from Tony according to the difference in gloss. The hair, sleeves, and puffy skirt that flutter in the wind, combined with blue-based costumes, make for a refreshing figure. * This product is remanufactured. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.