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ARTFX J Youzen


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Product Description ——— Wang Tian-kun !!! You broke all of me… I wo n’t forgive you… !!! Ryu Fujisaki ’s popular comic “Senjin Engi” serialized until 2000 in Weekly Shonen Jump Re-animated into TV animation as “Hakyu Hoshin Engi”! From that “Hakyu Hoshin Engi” is three-dimensional! ! You can feel pride as a samurai from the ecstatic expression of the samurai. In addition, the hair that flutters softly in the wind makes the beauty of modeling stand out. The swords of clothes and shoes are creating the “Shinjin Engi” style, and emphasizes the presence of the heels. The base can be connected to the separately released Taiko Nozomi and Fugen Masato, and if you have three, you can further expand the world view of Hakyu Hoshin Engi. Please enjoy the world view with the characters of “Shinjin Engi” that are still supported by fans! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.