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ARTFX + Scarlet Witch


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Product Description The “Avengers”, “X-MEN”, “Spider-Man” and the ARTFX + MARVEL comic series that expands are the first sequel series, “Avengers” series 2 has begun to expand. Adi Granoff, who is active as a concept artist in the theater version, worked on the concept art for this work, and the prototype was first handled by ke (Komika) who continues to announce new works that will excite the industry. Based on the familiar figure of the beautiful witch Scarlet Witch comics, it will be three-dimensionalized only by Kotobukiya, reborn with the taste of Mr. Adi Granoff. In addition, a dedicated diorama pedestal is included for each figure to reproduce the concept illustration more. Display is possible with a vertical three-dimensional silhouette with a difference in elevation. Create the strongest team and prepare for the final battle with Sanos! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.